Sam’s Summer Journey: Thriving as a Three-Time Intern at Auto-Wares

At Auto-Wares, our internship program is designed to foster a dynamic learning environment for students, igniting a passion for the automotive aftermarket industry by aligning their experiences with their specific degree programs. Unlike typical internship programs where interns often stay for a few short months, we have been fortunate to have Sam Yeager with us for three consecutive summers. Sam’s dedication and contributions have been invaluable, and we are excited to celebrate his success and look back on his journey as he embarks on the next chapter of his educational pursuits out of state. Congratulations, Sam!

During our internship program, Sam excelled in multiple roles across various departments, including Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Supply Chain, Pricing, and Warehouse Operations. Our program stands out because it not only helps interns develop skills relevant to their specific degree focus but also gives them a broader understanding of how their roles integrate into Auto-Wares and the Automotive Aftermarket industry as a whole. By the end of the summer, interns present these experiences and insights to our leadership team.

Reflecting on his internship, Sam shared, “Over the last six weeks, I immersed myself in the Supply Chain operations of the Automotive Aftermarket industry. Throughout my internship, I was fortunate to receive guidance from Gage Wheeler and Russel Tadajewski, who generously shared their expertise on the fundamental aspects of supply chain in this sector. I had the opportunity to learn various tasks, from creating and dispatching Purchase Orders (POs) to managing Pre-mark and Stock Adjustments, as well as gaining first-hand experience in warehouse picking, pulling, and stocking.” Additionally, Sam gained valuable insights into inventory management, Reflow Product procedures, Zero Reports, quality control protocols, and product optimization strategies.

It’s so encouraging to see our students learn and thrive. We are excited for the future of each and every one of them. Sam has been a remarkable asset to Auto-Wares. Demonstrating academic excellence and athletic prowess, Sam brought the same dedication to his work at AWI. His enthusiasm for learning and improving processes was evident, as he refined SOPs and consistently excelled in his tasks. His friendly demeanor and quick understanding granted him recognition and gratitude from colleagues. Beyond his work, Sam also shone in the company softball team, achieving an inside-the-park home run. As he moves forward in his college career, everyone at AWI wishes him continued success and is confident in his bright future as evidenced by the numerous accolades exclaimed by his coworkers.

“Sam is an outstanding young man, quick to grasp new concepts and possess a friendly demeanor. When tasked with something, he dives right in, eager to understand the process.”-Russ Tadajewski, Buyer.

“Sam is a hard worker and works to understand each process we throw him through. He has refined and improved SOPs as he ran through the warehouse processes.”-Gage Wheeler, Logistics Manager.

“Sam has been a GREAT addition to AWI for the time we’ve had together! We were fortunate to have him work, learn, and grow alongside us and definitely wish him the best in his college career and beyond!!!”-John Sanford, VP of Business Development.

“His consistent re-acceptance into our internship program speaks volumes about his professionalism and work ethic. We were lucky to have him!” Brooke Peckham, Human Resources Manager

If you are interested in an exciting and immersive internship experience at Auto-Wares, please reach out to Brooke Peckham at, for more information.

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